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CudobiK™ | Puzzle, Sudoku and Rubik Cube in just one game

There are 16 cards. Place them, move them, rotate them so that the same color is not repeated in the same row or column


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Created in www.madrid.ventures

An idea of José María Cortés Barrio

2019 © All rights reserved

CudobiK™ is a registered trademark


Game objective

The goal is to make a CUDOBIK in the shortest possible time. To do this, you have to place one by one the eight cards that are in a deck next to eight other cards that are on the board so that no color is repeated in each row or in each column.

In addition, in each of the four corners formed by four cards, there should always be two colors of each.


At this level some cards are placed in their correct positions, but not in the proper orientation. To solve the CUDOBIK at this level just turn the cards (by clicking on it) and find combianción we suggest.

Level Free

Only for experts, we offer you a completely empty board and the ability to place and rotate as many times as you like the game cards. There are thousands of possible combinations. Enter the Hall of Fame finding one.